Taming the American West

For over one-hundred and fifty years, brands have served as fences across the American frontier. A family's name and property were known by their brand, a bold mark designed to reflect their personal style and taste. They even adorned gateposts to let visitors know they were callin' on the right spread. Brands have become a uniquely American 'coat of arms'....

Make Your Mark

Our skilled craftsmen will work from your design to create an authentic four inch custom cattle brand in durable iron with a thirty-six inch matching handle - all officially registered in your name in Travis County, Texas. Your official Texas registration certificate is attractively mounted above a select section of cowhide, seared by your brand and framed in rough hill country cedar....

Order Today!

Preserve your family legacy for generations to come by ordering your own custom brand today! To order, simply complete and return the order form....

$289* Branding Iron Package

Feedback from our customers is unanimous - you simply can't find a more exciting, unique gift for yourself or that special someone than our authentic, registered branding iron set. Custom manufactured from the recipients own design, these striking sets add personality and style to any home or office...including your own! (Shipping and handling not included)

"The American Coat of Arms"